The game environment was designed to be very colorful and visually engaging, with a wide range of objects populating a mountainous scenery with the Yeti's stylized hut working as a central focus. The hut itself has its own internal environment which shifts the player's to focus on the smaller detail work inside. A built in first-person and third-person camera shift function allows players to explore the broad and narrow of the environment. The entire area is overall not very large, but has plenty of nooks and crannies and various platforming rock faces which players can explore.

Softwares used: ZBrush, Blender, Substance Painter 2, Unreal Engine 4

The Game

Environment DESIGN

The YETI Project

This big fella was designed as a playable character in an Unreal Engine game level. This was my senior graduating project for the Art Institutes Graduate Portfolio Show. Even though my degree is based in Media Arts and Animation, I went a step further to create an interactive game demo to allow attendees to pick up an Xbox controller at my presentation table and actually play as the Yeti character in a 3D explorable and interactive environment. I believe that this was the most engaging method for people to see what I can offer as a 3D animator and game designer with a hands on, interactive experience.

The Yeti character was designed to be a fun and sort of dopey character. The idea behind his style was to make him look and feel like a heavyset type of character in both his look and movements.

Softwares used: ZBrush, Blender, Substance Painter 2, Maya 2016



Try The GAME!

Play as the big Yeti character! There's no objective or goal besides checking out a gorgeous 3D environment hosted in Unreal Engine 4.

Play with keyboard and mouse or use an Xbox controller!

(May require the installation of Unreal Engine 4 softwares and/or plugins to play.)

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